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    Families are selected on 3 basic criteria - the need for safe, decent & affordable housing, willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity and the ability to pay back the no profit loan, allowing other families the same opportunity .



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    Creating simple decent and affordable homes in partnership with families in need. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of others and help eliminate sub-standard housing in eastern Connecticut.

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    Volunteers are Habitat for Humanity's most precious and reliable asset. Get started volunteering today and begin to make a difference in your community and those around you.

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We Need Your Dirt

Property Donations Sought

One of our greatest challenges is finding homes to rehab or property to build a home for the many eligible families that apply to become homeowners. Habitat for Humanity of Eastern CT’s goal of eliminating substandard housing works hand-in-hand with the ordinances of local municipalities. We impact the community where we build or rehab by turning a vacant, blighted property into additional tax dollars for the municipality as well as increase the local property values. The additional income can be used to improve education infrastructure and recreation in a community.


Because of our non-profit status, our organization is sought out by many people who have been given property or a home through an inheritance. Often property/houses sit vacant for a long period of time before you realize that the tax donation value of the property can out weigh your cash value after considering the cost of your time and travel to maintain the property.

Donations are also accepted of property/houses that have not been properly maintained and therefore are often not sellable. However for Habitat this is not a problem since each of the homes we rehab is completely gutted and all new insulation, drywall, plumbing, electric etc is installed to ensure that the family won't be facing any unnecessary repairs.

What type of property are we seeking?

The most affordable property to build on is a lot on a public road with direct access to utilities. However, we are willing to explore many possibilities. This includes a multiple lot piece of property that would provide land to build a number of houses over several years.

What if the property already has a building on it?

If the building is in good structural shape, we may be able to do a rehab. If the building is not suitable for a rehab, we can demolish the home and clear the property to build a new home.

Why should I donate my land to Habitat for Humanity of Southeastern Connecticut?

The most fundamental reason is the feeling of contribution you get from helping less fortunate families build a stable life as homeowners in the community. There are also significant tax benefits from donating the land.

I want to help, but I need to get some money from the property.

If you are willing to sell the property at a price substantially below the market prices, you will still be eligible for tax advantages, and we may be able to reach a price that allows us to achieve our home pricing target.

Whether you own property or know of some that might be available to us, please call us. We will investigate all possibilities. The property does not need to belong to an individual; churches and businesses may have excess to property that they would be willing to donate.860-442-7890 press 0 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Regardless of your situation, please talk to people about our need and let us know of any possibilities. Thank you for your support.www.habitatect.org


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