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Kristie and family

My name is Kristie. I’m a full-time working single mother of 4 wonderful children who are my life. My oldest son, Ty, is 9 years old. He loves to collect rocks and dinosaurs. Ty is especially close to his 8 year old brother Seth. Seth loves cars and wants to have a vintage or classic car when he gets older. Seth also loves to read chapter books.  Ty and Seth are in the Natchaug River Young Marines. Ian is my 7 year old who is very adventurous and outgoing. He is full of stories and ideas that are never ending. He loves to be outdoors and is always on the go. My youngest child is Maple who is 5 years old. She is a sweet, amazing little lady. She loves babies and has such a nurturing heart. All of my children are very helpful and loving. I’ve been blessed with these four amazing children!

I have been employed at Matty’s Trucking Inc. as the office manager for 3 years. When I first came to work here, I was out of my element, leaving the medical field, but quickly learned the tasks and have never looked back. I love my job and look forward to working every day. Because of this job, I have become a stronger person who is able to handle and juggle so many tasks and challenges. I look forward to many more years working with this company.

I received an email from my children’s school informing me that Habitat for Humanity was looking for future homeowners. I went to the meeting to learn more and I chose to apply. I was beside myself when I received a call from Habitat from Humanity saying that I was accepted into the program. My children were thrilled.

Our rental home has had numerous problems and is in need of repair. We have had issues with the windows not latching and falling on their own. We are limited to which windows we can open. I ripped out numerous carpets that had years of mess and filth in them. There are uneven floors upstairs and problems with the faucets. The cracks on the wall and the ceiling are getting bigger. I took all the bedroom doors down as they were so damaged. You had to lift up on them to shut them. They were also splintering and it was not safe. There is little cabinet space in the kitchen and limited storage space for food, forcing us to use other areas to store our food. The water pressure is altered by our neighbors. The water in the home is also not safe to drink.

We have overcome so much together as a family and we are very close. My goal has always been to own my own home, so I may pass it down to my children, and they will have the safety and comfort knowing that this is our home and we will never be uprooted. This will be our final move, into a home I have helped to build; a home I was able to learn how to maintain and take great pride in. This has been a very rewarding experience and I look forward to learning and growing during the process of building our Habitat home.

The benefit of Habitat is not only the hand up that I was given, but the opportunity to help out so many others. I’ll continue to be a part of Habitat for Humanity even after our home is built. I want to instill in my children the feeling you get when you’ve helped someone in need. Years from now when my children become of age to volunteer, we will make our own team and continue to help out in any way we can.


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Habitat for Humanity of Eastern Connecticut

377 Broad Street
New London Connecticut, 06320
Telephone: 860-442-7890
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