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Shea and family

My name is Brandishea (Shea). I’m a full-time working single mother of 2 wonderful children whom I love dearly. My daughter, Shya, is 9 years old. She loves to read books and is developing into a great poet. We also just found out that she was accepted into a school program that was designed for gifted and talented students who are mature enough to handle their school work at a higher level. Shya will be in the 5th grade this September and will be completing 6th grade work. My son, TuQuan, is 2 years old, he has a tremendous amount of energy and loves music. My daughter and son have an unforgettable and loving bond. I have been working at Dime Bank for 4 years and I am a Commercial Servicing Representative. I also attend New England College of Business with a majoring Business Administration with concentration in Banking and Finance. I graduated with my Associates Degree in April of 2014 and I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree program. My career goals are to become a Commercial Loan Officer.

For about a year now I have been preparing myself to become a homebuyer. After my children and I were dealing with mold, dust, unsafe areas and moving from apartment to apartment I decided to apply for Habitat for Humanity. My son was constantly getting sick due to the mold that was everywhere in our previous apartment. So, we had to move in with my parents and 2 sisters and a brother. That is a total of 8 people living in the household. Our space is very limited. I have to share a room with my son, and my daughter shares a room with my sister, her aunt. My mom works 3rd shift at the hospital, and my son is unable to run around freely because she has to sleep for work. My family and I are very strong. We can make it out of any tough situation with God by our side. My oldest daughter has been very patient and has always looked up to me for guidance. We are a Christian family who love God and believe that nothing is impossible.

This was my second time to apply. The first time I had decided to work on my credit so I could be more financially stable. Not long after doing my full application, I received a phone call for a home visit. About 2 weeks after that I received a phone call stating that I was chosen to receive a Habitat house; I screamed loudly with joy and thanked Habitat and, of course, God, for making this happen for us. For a long time I struggled with trying to make sure my children were safe and had a place where they can call home. I am so thankful and excited to start our new journey and that my children will have a place to grow and make unforgettable memories to look back on. I am excited to be involved with such a terrific organization as well as a great and blessed group of people. I love the fact that I will be a part of helping other families with their dreams of becoming home owners as well.  We are truly blessed!


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Habitat for Humanity of Eastern Connecticut

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