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Meet the Families

Included are letter and stories direct from that Habitat for Humanity families. These were written when they were accepted into the Habitat for Humanity program.

Yahaira, Josue and family

My name is Yahaira Gonzalez and my husband is Josue Rosado. I am a mother of five children. My first child is Eunice -14 yrs. old, my second oldest is Denice - 12 yrs. old, and my last three children are; Joshua- 9 yrs., Elizabeth-6 yrs., and Joseph Luis-1 yr. My husband is currently employed at New London Housing Authority. I am a stay-at-home mom, planning to pursue my dream of becoming a social worker.

I was born in Puerto Rico, but raised in Mass.  Josue was born in Puerto Rico, but raised in New York City. As children, we struggled. We both had dreams to graduate college and work on our dream career, but life was too harsh and took us through a different path. We met and fell in love young. I had my first child at the age of 19. I was living with his parents and we struggled along the way. Our path led us to New London. As time passed by and our family grew bigger, we were accepted to live in New London Housing, where my husband decided to work.  My family and I started visiting church and little by little things started to change for the better. As a firm believer of Jesus we knew that blessings were on the way.

Our dream was always to become a home owner. My children, husband and I never gave up hope that we would soon have a house to call our own.  Soon after this I heard about the program, Habitat for Humanity. I decided to give it a try. I never lost hope that this would be the blessing we were all waiting for. I went to the class in Norwich and applied. When we received our second application everyone was very excited. Months passed by and we waited patiently never losing hope. The phone rang one day and we received the call that we got the house; tears of joy filled my eyes as I told my family the great news. We are finally going to be the homeowners we always wished to be. I truly want to thank first and foremost our God for this blessing and Habitat for Humanity for giving us the opportunity of making our dreams come true. God bless you all.

Sara and family

Oour household consists of myself – Sara, and my 5 year-old twin sons, Naphtali and Reuben. I am very thankful that we were chosen to be future homeowners through Habitat for Humanity. Since my sons were 6 months old we have lived in a subsidized housing complex, needless to say we encounter mildew and other uninhabitable conditions. A friend of mine invited me to accompany her to a Habitat session and I instantly had negative thoughts about my chances of being chosen but I applied anyway. I wasn’t chosen. Last year I applied again and once again I wasn’t chosen. Then this year I applied once more and finally received the phone call that we’d been waiting for… I WAS CHOSEN! Elated and ecstatic, I couldn’t say anything but “Thank you! Thank you!” repeatedly on the phone. Now, with Habitat’s help I can give my sons the yard that they want, where they can play outside without me feeling disinclined. In our subsidized housing, filth and garbage are everywhere, so my sons rarely play outside of my apartment; we usually drive to a clean park across town.

I work full time and my sons are in Kindergarten, we work really hard to keep our family functioning as a unit. My sons define my life and everything that I stand for and believe in. Out of the blue one of my sons asked me 6 months ago if we can move soon and it surprised me because I sometimes forget how observant children are. It was right then that I looked back in time and remembered the day that I realized I was pregnant: I sat on the side of my bed and made a conscious decision to always put my child’s needs ahead of my own. I remember that day like it was yesterday and applying to Habitat was a step 1 in that direction.


Lorielle and family

Hi!  My name is Lorielle, I’m 31 and a single mother to 3 great kids.  They are Jillian who is 11 and is following in my footsteps by being involved with music and acting, Samuel who is almost 9 and is a sports fanatic and Jonah (we call him Jones) who has the funniest personality I’ve ever seen in a 3 year old.  We are so blessed and humbled for the opportunity to partner with Habitat.  Our own home!   I still can’t believe it!  God is so good and we definitely wouldn’t be on this journey without Him.  We are excited every day!  Being involved with Habitat has brought my family closer and has caused my children to be proud of what I am trying to accomplish for them.

We have moved around a lot over the years, for the last 3 years we have lived with my parents in their house.  It’s important to me that my children have stability and this will be more than just a house.  It will be a stable home that I will be able to provide for my family, something I was unable to do on my own.  It is a scary thought to be on my own, but not so scary when I think about all the support we will have from family, friends and our new Habitat friends.  I am so glad to be a part of the mission and look forward to the future!

My son Samuel made me a Mother’s Day card that said Thank you mommy for everything you are doing so we can have our house!  It brought tears to my eyes and made me all the more assured that this is the journey God intends us to be on.

Mary and family

My name is Mary and I am the mother of 3 beautiful girls. I have been a single parent for 36 years. My first two daughters have families of their own and have blessed me with 5 grandchildren. My youngest daughter Cheyenne is 19 years old and attending Three Rivers Community College where she is studying psychology and exercise science. Cheyenne hopes to attend UNH in the future. I think that becoming a Habitat homeowner will open up many new possibilities for a brighter future for both myself and my daughter Cheyenne.

I first heard of Habitat for Humanity around three years ago when I saw an article in the Day newspaper. I applied but at that time had too much debt to     income ratio. With a little guidance and a lot of soul searching I declared bankruptcy. The want to own my own home never left. With my finances cleared up and on a better path, I decided to look to Habitat again. I truly believed that I would never be selected to be a future home owner because of what seemed like too many negative factors. My age… 54, My daughter’s age…19, And my bankruptcy… Happily, Habitat does not discriminate. They took the time to meet with me one on one to go over questions I had on my big application. And when the home visit came they took the time (2 hours) to listen to everything we had to say. Our current situation with a broken heating system, electrical problems, leaks, mold and break-ins left us desperate for a better way.

We would like to thank Habitat for Humanity for believing and trusting in us. Cheyenne and I can not wait to begin our journey. 

Forever grateful,

Mary Rich and Cheyenne Manchester

Lauren and family

I am Lauren a 29 year old hard working mother of two boys Noah (6) and David (7) - My Football Stars!! Four years ago we didn’t have a home of our own. Hopelessness seemed to be the proper description of how I felt experiencing this chapter of my life’s journey. I received declines left and right from every single shelter in the state of Connecticut due to no space availabilities. I checked every day for weeks with the greatest hope of being placed somewhere. Unfortunately, it never happened. Throughout the last couple of years we’ve moved on three separate occasions, due to the environment, its unsanitary and unsafe living conditions. With every move the struggle seemed to become more intense and heart breaking especially looking into my children’s eyes; I was so afraid of failing them. But, with the strength that was instilled in me through my God, I kept my faith and fought on. With every shut door it was hard to smile, but I did, because I knew God’s plan had to be much more then I could ever imagine. Not once in my life did I believe that I would become a home owner. To me, that was just something one dreamt about coming from Queens Bridge Housing projects in NYC.

I was introduced to the Habitat for Humanity through a friend/ coworker. She felt my pain, understood my struggle and felt like I’d be a great candidate. I took her advice and joined one of the sessions, turned in all necessary documentation, and patiently waited on a response. After a scheduled home visit with two members of the selection committee I felt a little more at ease. They were absolutely wonderful. So kind, concerned, and treated me with respect and dignity. It amazed me that they were willing to fight on behalf of my family and hadn’t met us a day in their lives. It made me realize that there are Angels that walk the face of this earth working through Christ and they are two of them. I’m so overwhelmingly grateful. Every time I think of how blessed we are, I let a few happy tears flow. I look forward to working hard on building my new home. Thank you God for such a wonderful blessing. Thank you to The Habitat for Humanity, and its volunteers (My Angels) for giving me the honor and privilege of raising my kids in a beautiful safe home setting.


Housing before Habitat -

The water damage to the walls that the landlord continued to paint over again and again without ever fixing the real issue. This lead to mold the drywall falling apart. When Lauren asked to have it resolved, the landlord tried to evict her.

Frankie, Laqueshala and family

We are extremely fortunate and thankful to have the opportunity to be future homeowners through Habitat for Humanity. We are a family of six, consisting of myself- Frankie, my wife -Laqueshala and our 4 children: Frankie 10, Roderick 9, Mercedes & Myrna 5. We currently live in a 2 bedroom apartment in which the bedrooms belong to the children and my wife and I use the living room space as our bedroom. As one would imagine, our living condition is definitely crowded and the lack of a family communal space can be straining. Laqueshala and I work very hard to support our family. I am a home improvement contractor, a full-time student at Three Rivers Community College, where I am pursuing a degree in criminal justice, and I also coach youth football in New London. For the past 9 years my wife has been employed by UCP of Eastern CT, where she is the supervisor of the day program for adults with disabilities.

When we met, we were both living in subsidized housing. Since our eldest son was born, we’ve lived in subsidized housing in Groton. Home ownership has been a dream for us for many years and through hard work and the priceless assistance from Habitat for Humanity and the wonderful volunteers that make it all possible, are dreams are soon to become reality.

Linda and family

My name is Linda and I am 35 years old and am a mother to three beautiful children.  O’Ryann is 15 years old and loves video games, Daelyssa is 14 years old and has been a tap dancer for 10 years and Karisma is 7 years old and has been taking tap for 3 years.  I am currently a student at Three Rivers Community College where I am pursuing a Nursing Degree.

I heard about Habitat for Humanity through the newspaper and saw they were having a information seminar and decided to go.  I went in February 2012 and completed the processes necessary.  In May 2012 I received the call from my volunteer partner Evelyn that I was selected.  Me and my family were so happy to finally have a dream come true.  We cannot wait to start the process and also to help others make their dreams come true by helping them with the processes of Habitat.  I could never express in words how much I appreciate everything everyone has done for me thus far and to all the volunteers that will be part of my build including the United States Coast Guard.  Thank you all so much for taking time out of your busy lives to help my families dream come true.

Tanikka and family


My name is Tanikka.  I have two sons Jaylen,11 years old and DeJean, 8 years old.  Owning my own home has always been just a dream for me.  Recently, I moved back home to buy my own home; but not long after moving back home, I realized that it was going to be more than I could afford.  Living back home quickly became an overcrowded situation.

I heard through a friend that Habitat was accepting applications and at first I must admit I was very hesitant.  I just couldn't believe that there was even a possibility that I could be given the opportunity to own my own home.  I went to the seminar got the application, filled it out, and expected to be denied.  It wasn't until I was chosen to do the big application, did I actually believe I had a good chance of owning a place my children and I could call home.

When I received the call that I would be getting one of the houses Habitat had to offer I was completely speechless.  So many emotions where running through me, and in the end, all I could do was cry and thank God.  I'm so truly grateful and would like to thank Habitat for Humanity for making my dream of owning my own home a reality.

Tracy and family

My name is Tracy Quilter.  I’m a single mother of 2 beautiful girls, Brittni and Brooklyn.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have been given this opportunity to be part of Habitat for Humanity.  My girls and I have lived in low income housing for quite a while now and were in desperate need for a change in our living conditions due to horrible mold problems and other unsafe conditions.  Knowing I could never make this change on my own, I looked into Habitat for Humanity and was chosen to be a “Future Homeowner”.  I never thought I would hear those words or ever imagined I could ever own my own home, things like this just don’t happen to us.  I still have to remind myself that I am going to own my own home where my girls can be safe and live in a healthy environment.  I always dreamed of doing something amazing for my girls to show them how much I love them, although this is not a trip to Hawaii or Disney World or some other tropical paradise, but so much more.  They may not realize it now but this will be a big gift for them.  I want to prove to my girls that you can do anything and even though you may think some goals are so far out of reach, to never give up.  And even though it took me a while I’m going to make everything OK for my girls.

Sincerely grateful,

- Tracy Quilter

Jennifer and family

My name is Jennifer and I have been a mother since I was 16 1/2 yrs. old. I have 5 amazing children. Three girls and twin boys. Alixzandra is 21, Miriaha is 18, Jonathan & Giovanni are 10 and Gabriayla is 8. I am employed the the State of Ct. in the dept. of Developmental Services. I have been employed by them for, four years.

I was born and raised in Massachusetts and moved to New London in 1999 and have lived here ever since. My children attend N.L schools and my three younger children attend an awesome after school program, where they perform in plays and participate in sports programs and girl scouts. Alix is set to graduate from college in spring of 11' and Miriaha will be graduating from H.S as well.

I heard about Habitat for humanity thru an article in the New London Day. I went to a Saturday meeting in Groton. I listened and took an application, filled it out and passed it in by the deadline. Then I started to pray. I received a letter stating Habitat wanted to look further into my family’s situation. I cried, and filled out an even bigger application and gathered all the needed documents. Once all my T's were crossed and my I's were dotted, I felt that on paper my family would never qualify. So I prayed a lot and passed it in anyways. Every time Habitat popped onto my head I prayed that God would bless my family with this wonderful gift, and he did.

Realizing for the first time in my life my children and I would have a place of our own. That meant enough space for everyone. No overcrowding, no mold, plumbing and electrical problems no rodents and screens in our windows so air can flow through the house. And most of all no longer having to deal with a landlord or giving them 75% of my income while living in substandard housing. Not to mention the possibility of having our own basketball hoop in the backyard.

I cried and cried and cried. Finally a place to really call home. My friends and family are very excited to embark on this new journey in our lives and look forward to all the things we will learn to maintain our home. The O'Neil-Lopez family home. Many thanks to God and Habitat for Humanity for this wonderful opportunity to better our lives and others.

Martiza and family

My name is Maritza. I am a mother of three. My daughters are Estrella, who is 14 years old, Elisa, who is 12 years old, and my son Elic, who is 5 years old. The reason why I am so happy to get a Habitat home is because my kids need a better and safe place to call home. Being a mother with low income makes it impossible to purchase a home because no one will give you a mortgage. So getting a Habitat home is the only way I could purchase a home for my children and myself. We have lived in the projects for eleven years because it is all that I could afford. It has been a struggle because it’s not a safe or healthy environment for my children. Getting this house means that where there is a will, there is a way. - Written at the beginning of the process with Habitat for Humanity of Southeastern Connecticut

Stacy and family

"My son, Isaiah who is 19 months old and I currently live with family where living space is extremely light. We are very limited to the space we have. My room is used as a bedroom, toy room, living room and a dining room. As my son gets older I notice the space getting smaller and smaller. I knew that I would need to find a place to settle down with more living space and a place that we could call home. I wanted a place for my son to be able to grow and explore. I didn't want him to always have that feeling of being limited to where he could. go.

I hear about Habitat for Humanity from one of my co-workers. I was extremely excited and found out when the next information seminar was. At the seminar I met some of the people from Habitat who were willing to help and support me through my journey.

I am very thankful to be a part of the Habitat family. They haven given me so much hope far a better future. I look forward to working with them for many more years to come as they are now part of my family."

- Stacy

Written just after the family was accepted into the
Habitat for Humanity of Southeastern Connecticut program.


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