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Meet the Families

Included are letter and stories direct from that Habitat for Humanity families. These were written when they were accepted into the Habitat for Humanity program.

Jennifer and family

My name is Jennifer and I believe anything is possible. I heard about the Habitat for Humanity program from my mother, Jenny. She has donated time and materials to various Habitat programs over the years. I was attracted to the program because it is an amazing opportunity for a family which would otherwise be unable to afford a home that would suit the needs of their family. The Habitat for Humanity process is an opportunity to strengthen our family and community ties through cooperative work and a shared goal of building a home for our family’s future. My goal for that future is to create a home for my children and myself in which we can build many happy memories.

I am a 36 year old, divorced mother of three boys. … My sons enjoy skateboarding, video games and listening to music. They also love to camp, hike and swim. I am a second year teacher with my Bachelor’s degree and currently teach a combined class of third and fourth graders at the Integrated Day Charter School in Norwich. I am a member of Alpha Chi Honor Society, am a certified cheerleading coach, and participate in school council as well as the retreat advisory board for my school.

I have enjoyed my involvement with Habitat for Humanity immensely. I have made new friends, been awed by the level of commitment from volunteers and workers, have seen the joy of a new homeowner and the sweat of a family working toward that goal. My family qualified for this house because we are currently living in an overcrowded situation and are a one-income family. I believe other families who are similarly qualified are being given an incredible opportunity to change their lives for the better. I am certain that my participation in the Habitat program will continue over the years, and I believe this opportunity to change their lives for the better. I am certain that my participation in the Habitat program will continue over the years and I believe this opportunity will give my friends and family the knowledge of what an amazing program this is. I know this involvement with Habitat will allow my family to not only own a home, but also learn the value of hard work and commitment. Most importantly, I believe this process will strengthen my belief that with faith and perseverance, anything is possible.

Carlee and family

I, Carlee, am the mom of this family and have been a single working mom for the past 10 years. I have worked at Foxwoods Resort Casino since 2001 and am currently the Senior Training Representative for the Pequot Academy, the Training and Development division of Human Resources. I have three children. Mackenzie, my oldest daughter ... is very involved in her youth ministry, Living Proof, at Fellowship Church in Middletown, a volunteer student teacher in the pre-school kids’ church, attends weekly small group bible study and is a member of the NFA Bible Club. She loves to take pictures. She is planning to attend a bible college with a major in early childhood education. My son, Cameron, ... is also involved in Living Proof and attends weekly small group bible study. He is a hands-on young man who loves to create things, from arts and crafts to baking in the kitchen. He has his boater’s license and loves to spend time with his father tending their extensive home garden. He is a member of ConnectiKITERS and an experienced Rokkaku kite battler. Cheyenne, my youngest daughter, ... loves to read, and writes the most amazing stories. Her (now-retired) school principal once wrote on her end-of-year report card that he looks forward to one day reading her published books. She is looking forward to contributing sweat equity hours for the many A’s and B’s on her report card!

Ten years ago, my youngest daughter and I were living in a domestic violence shelter with only those possessions that I could fit into the trunk of my car. Those 10 years were full of hardship, hard work, joy, laughter and tears, and most of all grace… grace by the gift of salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ. And what a blessing it is that my children will be able to experience first hand, sleeping in our own home, that hard work pays off. Owning a home is the American dream and I believe our Habitat home will encourage my children to continue to work hard toward their dreams of one day owning their own homes.

Habitat’s goal is to make a ‘forever’ difference in the lives of others. To our family, this home will do just that… make a ‘forever’ difference in our lives. It will remind us, all who know us, and all who come to know us that hardship can be overcome with hard work and most of all, with faith. We will be forever grateful for this blessing and we know that we will continue to be involved in the Habitat ‘family’ for years to come. I want to thank my employer, Foxwoods Resort Casino, for taking great interest in the communities of its team members. Foxwoods issued a memo about Habitat’s home ownership program that led to my application and subsequent acceptance into the program.

Our Habitat House

By: Cheyenne (age: 12)

My mom first found out about Habitat at Foxwoods, where she works. She then went to a meeting, signed up, and our Habitat story began. I can remember the day mom told me we were accepted. I was ecstatic! We were finally going to have a house of our own! Every time we drive up the driveway, I have to remind myself this isn’t a dream. In one house we used to live in the only floor you could see was a walkway just large enough to walk in. This was because my brother’s, sister’s, and my bed took up all the room, not because of a mess. Now I have my own room, with plenty of space. Looking back now, our situation has definitely changed for the better, even if it did take some time and work along the way. For me and my mom, Saturday is our day, so we like to go out places and spend time together then. While we were building the house, my mom spent Saturdays building, and it was hard not having that day together like we always do. Me and my brother were too young to help build, and that was really frustrating because we really wanted to. But in the end, it really paid off, because we now live in a nice, big house that has suitable heating, instillation, and A.C, with enough room for everything and everyone. I am very grateful for our house and all the wonderful people who helped to provide it, and always will be.


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